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The items that show "In Stock" are available in our store. Please keep in mind that due to high demand our online inventory is not completely up to date at all times. Some items might show "In Stock" but might be sold out. If that is the case, we will contact you with an alternative or a refund in 2 business days. 

If the item you are interested in is "In Warehouse", that means that is it in stock at the the producers warehouse. In this case, once we receive your order we will order it from the company. Typically, these items arrive to us 5-7 days after we place the order. Once we receive the item we will contact you if you chose the "pick up in store" option or we will ship it out to the address you provided.


Thank you for shoping and please feel free to contact us at 305.682.8889 regarding any of our products and their availablity.