Las Olas, is the heart & soul of Fort Lauderdale.  With it’s street-lined cafes, fashion boutiques & art galleries, Las Olas has been a symbol of old Florida charm & now, the Las Olas Triathlon.

The race begins with a beautiful sunrise and a running start over the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale.  Spectators can enjoy watching the start of this race along the beach. Swimmers typically enjoy a wetsuit legal swim in the cool salt waters off of the Atlantic ocean.  After conquering the sprint (500 meters) or international (1000 meters) swim distance, athletes will transition to their bikes. 

The Las Olas Triathlon has an improved bike course this year, taking the athletes along Florida’s state road,  A1A  and through Hugh Birch State Park.  Here, athletes can view four protected natural areas; mangroves, hammocks, beach & coastal dune systems.  The park straddles the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean, giving the athlete a beautiful view of million dollar homes and spectacular yachts.  Sprint athletes will complete 10.5 miles on the bike and athletes competing in the international distance will ride 21 miles.  After completing this beautiful ride, athletes will transition to the run.

Runners will experience an improved course this year along A1A’s beautiful backdrop.  Runners will pass each other along the course, giving these competitors great energy to get to the finish line. Spectators can enjoy the race from the many cafes & restaurants that line the course.  The sprint (3.1 miles) and international (6.2 miles)  athletes typically enjoy mild temperatures for Florida this time of year, making it an experience not to be missed. 




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