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Tacx BlackTrack

Tacx BlackTrack
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The BlackTrack replaces the Skyliner (front wheel support) and enables you to steer freely in the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced. The front wheel of the bike is placed on a turntable so that you can steer to the left and the right. This allows you to choose where to ride when you are training in the virtual worlds.

The BlackTrack communicates wirelessly with the computer via ANT+. Rubber Caps on the bottom prevent sliding and reduce noise. This steering frame is foldable. lightweight, and easy to store.

The BlackTrack is suitable for the Tacx Trainer software (Windows PC) and can communicate with ANT+ trainers and interactive Smart trainers:
- T1980 Bushido (ANT+)
- T2020 i-Genius
- T2050 Tacx IRONMAN trainer
- T2060 Tacx IRONMAN Smart
- T2080 Genius Smart with Upgrade Smart
- T2170 i-Vortex
- T2180 Vortex Smart with Upgrade Smart
- T2240 Flow Smart with Upgrade Smart
- T2780 Bushido Smart with Upgrade Smart

Part Numbers

08714895037288 T2420